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What are the Benefits of Investing in Tax Deeds?

They can be summarized as follows:

Obtain property ownership for 50 to 90 percent below market value: Although it varies from state to state, in certain circumstances you can obtain an entire property for only the taxes and penalties owed. In many cases, you can obtain properties for 50 to 90 percent below market value

Investment secrecy: If few people have heard about tax lien certificates, even fewer people know anything about tax deed sales. When we started researching tax sales, we found very little information on how to invest in tax lien certificates and no information on how to purchase property at tax deed sales. However, many states have tax deed sales and there are more tax deed sales than tax lien sales. The supply of foreclosed properties almost always exceeds the demand. In the United States there are thousands of counties that have tax deed sales every year. At each auction, hundreds of properties may be available. Many states have so many properties that they have foreclosure lists based on how many years the property has been in foreclosure.

Michael Williams is co-author of the book and online course, Rogue Real Estate Investor Collection, a book that profiles the wide range of investing options available to real estate investors in one comprehensive 500-page manual that covers all 50 states and Canada. 

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Real Estate Tax Lien Course

Safely earn 18-240 percent per year with government sponsored tax liens.

Over The Counter Liens and Deeds

How can you invest in tax liens and tax deeds without attending an auction?

The answer is Over-the-Counter Tax Sale Investing.

Included with Teleseminar is the OTC Super List. This list contains thousands of liens and deeds that can be purchased through the mail.

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